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Devil's Corner Chardonnay

Crafted from 100% Chardonnay off the estate vineyards predominantly on the East Coast (80%) and the balance from the Tamar Valley. Juice was run off skins immediately after pressing and then cold-settled. 


The wine is bright, pale straw in colour with green tinges. On the palate it is fresh, youthful and appealing with zesty melon aromas alongside some riper yellow peach. The overall impressions provided by this unwooded chardonnay are crisp, clean and refreshing. There are zingy citrus flavours of lemon and grapefruit, with some subtle creaminess complexity, with a zesty tight finish. 


Drink now and over the next 3 to 5 years.


Vineyard Region: Tasmania

Vintage: 2015

Color: The wine is bright, pale straw in colour with green tinges. 

Aroma: Zesty melon aromas alongside some riper yellow peach.

Palate: On the palate it is fresh, youthful and appealing.

Wine Analysis: Alc/Vol: 13.5% 

Peak Drinking: Until 2019 


Growing Conditions: Crafted from 100% Chardonnay off our estate vineyards predominantly on the East Coast (61%) and the balance from the Tamar Valley. The 2013 vintage was excellent across the board and especially for white varietals.


Tamar Ridge Pinot Noir

A fine example from the Tamar Valley this Pinot has aromas of ripe cherry, mulberry and cinnamon spice. The well balanced palate has upfront dark berry fruit, hints of game complexity and a silky mouth feel that is long and flavorsome.


Vineyard Region: Tasmania

Vintage: 2015

Color: This pinot noir is deep crimson red with hints of purple.

Aroma: A rich and complex nose with strong aromas of ripe raspberry and strawberry dominating against a background layer of spicy oak and some savoury/meaty characters that should develop with time in the bottle.


Palate: It has mouth-filling flavours of ripe raspberry and strawberry. The fruit flavours are balanced by a good concentration of fine, soft, silky tannins and enough acidity to give definition to the finish which is long and persistent with lingering ripe fruit.


Wine Analysis: Alc/Vol: 14%

Peak Drinking: Until 2025


Growing Conditions: A blend of several clones was used as we have aimed for an elegant and complex expression of our terroir that will reward cellaring and suit fine dining.


Ashgrove Extra Tasty Cheddar

Our Extra tasty cheddar has been matured for a slightly flaky texture and nutty flavour. Delicious melted or enjoyed on a cheeseboard.


Ashgrove Flavoursome Fetta

Traditional Greek style cow’s milk Fetta preserved in brine which results in a mild but salty flavour and firm texture.  Excellent addition to salads and antipasto.  Ideal for use in cooking.


Ashgrove Wild Wasabi Cheddar

Smooth cheddar cheese flavoured with Tasmanian grown wasabi for a unique flavour with a little zing.


Ashgrove Quince Paste

Made with Tasmanian quinces, this paste is the ideal accompaniment for all cheese platters. 


The Tasmanian Honey Company Leatherwood Honey

Leatherwood possesses remarkable aromas and flavours; a true distillate of a magnificent ancient landscape. Spicy and piquant…


Tasmania lies on latitude 42 south, sharing this latitude only with the South Island of New Zealand and Southern Chile. Generally a mountainous and inhospitable area.  For a brief 6-8 weeks of the year, summer comes to this wild place and with it the annual blooming of the Leatherwood tree, Eucryphia Lucida. The tree bears an abundance of extremely delicate white flowers with a fresh piquant scent. The bees visit these flowers for six weeks from January to mid-March and collect the distinctive aromatic nectar from them. During this time, our beekeepers camp in the remote wilderness while they remove the surplus honey from the beehives, enabling us to provide this highly sought after honey to connoisseurs around the world.


In keeping with our philosophical commitment to bringing one of the natures most unique gifts to our customers in its uncompromised state, we have adopted a special low-temperature preparation technique. In carefully managing the extraction of the honey from the combs and its cleaning we are able to preserve both the floral essences and the innate vitality of our honey resulting in an aromatic and naturally organic food.


Because we use such low temperatures in the production we do not inhibit the honeys natural tendency to crystalise, so to make the final product easy to use we encourage the honey to set with an ultra-fine crystal structure. This imparts to its a buttery and spreadable texture at room temperature. Also easy enough to spoon in and mix in whatever beverage you wish, from a ‘hot toddy’ to a honey lemon tea. Other commercial brands of honey use high temperatures to delay the crystallising process, but this heat destroys the delicate flora essences, changes the flavour and generally compromises the other qualities and potential benefits of honey.


Our Leatherwood is naturally organic by virtue of the fact of where it is produced. Consider for a moment the following images of this place: Ancient rainforests located on the global at latitude 42 degrees south is shared only by southernmost New Zealand and Tierra del Fuego. At this latitude, the circumpolar winds whip up a constant westerly wind known as the Roaring Forties. These winds bring with them heavy moisture laden air drawn off the Great Southern Ocean only to deposit much of it as rain on the western side of Tasmania at the same time watering the rainforest where the Leatherwood trees grow and produce its golden harvest. We think of the Leatherwood honey as the ‘distillate’ of this magic place.


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