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Made as a fruit-driven drink-now style with generous flavours, this delicious cool-climate Tasmanian Pinot Noir can also be cellared confidently for up to three years.


Vineyard Region: Tasmania

Vintage: 2016
Color: This Pinot Noir is brightly coloured with youthful purple tones.
Aroma: A strongly perfumed style redolent of spicy black cherry, dark fruits and hints of raspberries.
Palate: The wine displays a juicy, sweet-fruit middle palate with soft, ripe tannins and fresh acidity.
Wine Analysis: Alc/Vol: 13.5%
Peak Drinking: Until 2018


Growing Conditions: The Devil’s Corner Pinot Noir is sourced from our vineyards located in Tasmania’s Tamar Valley and on the East Coast of the island. This multi-vineyard approach allows us to focus on the strengths of each location and produce a more consistent, complex and richly flavoured wine. The 2015 saw consistent ripening conditions free of extremes, produced very high quality Pinot Noir fruit for table wine, concentrated in colour and in character, and able to be harvested at only moderate potential alcohol yet with full flavour and ripeness.

Devil's Corner Pinot Noir

  • Intrepid sailors navigating Tasmania’s Tamar River discovered a treacherous bend and named it Devil’s Corner. Beyond the tumultuous waters they found an amazing sanctuary, where still waters rewarded their navigational efforts. Their courage in pursuing this sanctuary is celebrated in this truly cool-climate, finely crafted wine from exceptional Tasmanian terroir.

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