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ASHBOLT EXTRA VIRGIN premium Cool Climate 2016 Silver Medal winner, continuing our award-winning history of winning National medals since 2001. 


Complex, clean, fresh and fruity.


A truly 'balanced' oil, ASHBOLT achieves perfect equilibrium between fruit, bitterness and a mild chilli-like pungency, leaving a tingle on the lips, and a flavour that lingers in the throat and mouth for hours. A real WOW factor.


100% natural. 100% Tasmanian.


Like everything we make, ASHBOLT Extra Virgin Olive Oil is as perfect as we can make it - from our commitment to sustainable, organic farming through harvesting and processing our olives within 3 to 4 hours of harvest, thereby creating the freshest oil possible. The quality of our cool-climate olive oils continues to be recognised with national medals in every year since inception.


A very special oil for those interested in the best food and wine; an oil that will impress and will set the benchmark for comparing other oils. Pungent and peppery, yet well balanced and deep green. It is full of floral herb notes.  An exciting oil, one that will be noticed when added to your salads or dips and drizzled over your soups.   Winning Silver Medal at Australian Olive Association Awards in Oct 2016.


"A balanced robust blend, green grass and dry herb notes in nose, with a hint of vanilla. The mouth feel is a perfect balance of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency with a very clean finish." 

Claudia Guillaume, Australian Olive Oil judge.

Ashbolt Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

  • A lifetime commitment


    ASHBOLT Farm has been in the ASHBOLT family since 1906, when Robert’s maternal great grandfather Cecil Walker fell in love with its special beauty and set up a family retreat and apple farm there.


    Since 1980, we (Robert and Anne Ashbolt) have been managing our 375 hectare mixed farm which lies in Tasmania’s picturesque Derwent Valley, 50 km upstream from Hobart.


    Originally farming cattle, sheep, goats, cereal and potato crops, concern for the soil saw us switch our focus from sheep and cropping to a high-value, low-impact sustainable agricultural system of farming.


    We wanted to cause minimal disturbance to our soils and were fascinated by the opportunity to develop the farm into one based on heritage trees with an historical connection to health.


    In the late 1990’s we started planting our first olive grove, followed by an elderflower grove. We already had a micro orchard of heritage fruit trees which we now use to produce a range of fruit wines.

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