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Combination of Rubicon Red, Lancashire and Golden Valley to create a mellow flavoured cheese providing variety in colour and flavour. The 3 in 1 nature of this cheese makes it a perfect addition to platters and parties to add variety in colour, flavour and texture.

Ashgrove Tassie Trio

  • The Ashgrove milk and cheese factory is located at Elizabeth Town, in the heart of the dairying and cropping region in Northern Tasmania.  Several generations of Bennett families have been farming the land surrounding the milk and cheese factory since the 1880’s.


    We only use the freshest and creamiest milk possible.  Our milk is supplied by cows that graze on a natural pasture diet. The majority of our milk comes from Ashgrove Farms where it is delivered straight from the dairy to the factory.  These cows are a special breed of Holstein, Jersey and Friesian, which produce our creamier, naturally sweeter milk, resulting in cheese that is pure in flavour.

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