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Delicate notes of lychee, florals and flinty sauvignon blanc. Add to 

  • gin, vodka or champers
  • soda with mint and ice for a taste of summer
  • fresh lemon and ginger and hot water for a relaxing tea
  • fold into whipped cream for all your desserts
  • drizzle over fresh fruit or freshly baked sponge cake.


Our Elderflower Concentrate has been entered in National Fine Foods Awards and won Gold Medals in each of the 10 consecutive years, including a National Champion Award. 

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Fresh Lemons and hand-picked Elderflowers .

Ashbolt Elderflower Concentrate, Perfect Mixer

  • A lifetime commitment


    ASHBOLT Farm has been in the ASHBOLT family since 1906, when Robert’s maternal great grandfather Cecil Walker fell in love with its special beauty and set up a family retreat and apple farm there.


    Since 1980, we (Robert and Anne Ashbolt) have been managing our 375 hectare mixed farm which lies in Tasmania’s picturesque Derwent Valley, 50 km upstream from Hobart.


    Originally farming cattle, sheep, goats, cereal and potato crops, concern for the soil saw us switch our focus from sheep and cropping to a high-value, low-impact sustainable agricultural system of farming.


    We wanted to cause minimal disturbance to our soils and were fascinated by the opportunity to develop the farm into one based on heritage trees with an historical connection to health.


    In the late 1990’s we started planting our first olive grove, followed by an elderflower grove. We already had a micro orchard of heritage fruit trees which we now use to produce a range of fruit wines.

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